Our SKIN111 in-gym private clinic at Jumeriah Park offers the following treatments:

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy is a safe and non-invasive therapy which will help to raise the existing oxygen levels in your body. Oxygen therapy helps to destroy many of the harmful bacteria found in our bodies without affecting the beneficial bacteria that we need. This assists with boosting your immune system and helping you perform general day to day tasks at higher levels. Amongst the many benefits are increased energy levels, improved mood and concentration, reduced stress, provides relief for headache and migraines, promotes better sleep patterns.

IV Drips

Our IV drips can help relieve hangovers, jet lag, cold & flu or if you're seeking instant hydration, immunity boost, detox or a bespoke IV drip tailored to your individual requirements. Each IV treatment will take up to 1 hour to ensure effective absorption.

Wonder Bodybuilding

The Wonder® is an electronic device that is designed and manufactured to be used for bodybuilding, body toning, muscle recovery and overall body improvement. It incorporates all the modern technical advances that allow the application of safe, effective, fast and discomfort-free therapy. The WONDER® delivers upto 52,000 contractions at a record-breaking depth of upto 16 cms, working on 6 muscle groups – quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, abdomen, obliques and arms simultaneously to increase muscle mall, reduce cellulite and improve skin quality. The procedure lasts 25 minutes with noticeable results after 2-3 treatments.


OligoScan quickly and precisely measures the vitamin and mineral trace elements and heavy metals in your tissues in less than 1 minute, details are sent to you instantly by email. This involves no injections or blood taking with immediate results more precise than a standard blood test. The test gives you an analysis of health patterns within the body; cells rate of aging, brain function, hormone balance, insulin resistance, thyroid disease, allergies and more!

All SKIN111 treatments available in Jumeriah Park