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The Future of Wellness

Step into the future of wellness with our latest and largest gym. Spanning 50,000 sq. ft. our Science Park location is a unique space designed to seamlessly blend your work and personal life. This location is home to a revolutionary co-working space where performance meets productivity, with versatile office amenities, private zones for meetings, creative suites for digital content creation and a podcasting room. 

Dubai Science Park

Dubai Science Park

Our recovery spaces offer a place for you to balance your work life by immersing yourself in your own private suite which boasts the latest hot and cold treatments; infrared sauna, ice baths and shower facilities. Last but not least, what Warehouse Gym is known for: it’s commitment to training and results… Gain access to WH favourite classes, such as Crossfit and Grit, and some exciting new classes too (think Hyrox and more!), plus all of the best strength training and cardiovascular equipment you’ve been hoping for.