About WH Gym

The Warehouse Gym Story

Our first location opened in one of Dubai's industrial areas. A converted warehouse that bore its name based on its identity and history became quickly recognised for its street art, design, music, lights, and freedom of exercise.

Born from a vision to create an experience where like-minded individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds come together. We don't believe in one way of training; we believe that with diversity comes strength and true fitness.

Our facilities accommodate everything from strength to functional, cardio to conditioning, and everything in between. From the general fitness to the athlete, the powerlifter to the weightlifer, from CrossFit to Hyrox, we believe in it all. 

What truly sets us apart is our community of passionate people who believe exercise is an essential part of life. We foster a supportive and motivational atmosphere where individuals can come together, celebrate achievements, and inspire one another.

At The Warehouse Gym, passion is at the heart of everything we do.