Teens Boxing

Teens Boxing

Duration: 45 Minutes

Location: Jumeirah Park, Al Quoz

Exercise Type: Cardio, Endurance, Conditioning

What is Teens Boxing

Teens Boxing is a dynamic 45-minute class led by expert coaches, designed to introduce children to the technical aspects of boxing while focusing on cardio, endurance, and conditioning. Our dedicated coaches guide teens in developing proper form for throwing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. They also learn fundamental boxing stances and footwork. With safety as a top priority, Teens Boxing provides a fun and effective introduction to self-defense.

Benefits of Teens Boxing

  • Skill Development: Teens Boxing focuses on imparting fundamental boxing skills, teaching children the correct techniques for throwing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. This class provides a solid foundation in the technical aspects of boxing.
  • Self-Defense Skills: The program emphasizes self-defense, equipping children with essential skills to protect themselves. Teens will learn how to defend and react appropriately, fostering a sense of confidence and security.
  • Physical Fitness: Teens Boxing involves gradual and age-appropriate workouts that build up stamina, strength, and endurance. This contributes to the overall physical fitness of the participants, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Discipline and Focus: The structured nature of the class encourages discipline and focus among young participants. Learning the technicalities of boxing requires concentration, helping children develop essential life skills beyond the physical aspects of the sport.


  • Mats
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Punching Bags