Kids Fitness

Kids Fitness

Duration: 60 Minutes

Location: Jumeirah Park Khawaneej

Exercise Type: Specialty Class, Low Intensity

What is Kids Fitness

Our Kids Fitness classes are engaging sessions that place a strong emphasis on aerobic activities tailored for children. This dynamic class incorporates exercises such as running and dancing, specifically designed to engage and activate the large muscle groups.

Benefits of Kids Fitness

  • Improved Academic Performance: Regular participation in Kids Fitness has been linked to improved academic performance, emphasizing the connection between physical activity and cognitive function in children.
  • Long-Term Health: Establishing healthy habits early in life contributes to long-term health benefits. Kids Fitness aims to instill an active lifestyle, promoting physical well-being as children grow.
  • Fun and Active Environment: The class is designed to create a fun and active environment, fostering a positive attitude towards exercise and promoting social interaction among children.


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